Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day 97

It's a rather strange thing and it's also a tad annoying. I find myself running into opposition about my goal to become healthy and physically fit.

Oh, it's often subtle. "Diet's don't work." "Exercise could cause you some health problems at your age." "You're no spring chicken, ya know." "How long have you been trying to do this challenge". "What are you trying to do, recapture your youth, having a mid-life crisis?" And on and on....usually from people that tell me this stuff with the best intentions in their hearts.

Well...thanks a heap, but would you kindly just FOAD!

I know I'm fifty years old. I know that I'm way out of shape. I know that what I'm attempting to do is hard, maybe close to impossible.

But it is my goal to become fit during this year. Not yours. Not my friends. Not my partner's. Mine. Succeed or fail....my goal....my dream....my struggle.