Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Feel Good

A little skeptical that I would....but I have to say, being off the dairy, bread, and junk food for the past four days is starting to have its effect.  I don't feel sluggish.  I don't have a headache.  Seem to wake up with more energy and it lasts through the day.  This is really working.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No Cheese?

Man, I love cheese.  I love all kinds but am especially fond of very sharp cheddar.  Alas...for the next 11 days I've made a commitment to myself to stay away from all dairy products.  It's really bumming me out too because I'm starting to realize just how many dairy products are in my daily diet.  Especially cheese.  I have a nice big block of cheddar in my fridge right now, batting it's eyelashes and blowing kisses every time I open the door.

Be strong.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lean, Clean, and Green it is almost 25 days into my 55th year.  I am stunned with how time passes so quickly.  Summer is winding down.  Weather's getting cooler.  Holiday season fast approaching.  Time's a wasting and I'm not really any closer to achieving that elusive goal of fitness.  Having a plan to do this is easy....carrying through is the problem.  I start off well with good intentions and then, thrrrrrrpt.  Most people might give up.  Most people do; but I'm stubborn and am determined to understand why it is so easy to fail in trying to lose weight and get physically fit.

I think I may have found the reason.

I've got a book by Shawn Phillips titled Strength for Life and it is just crammed full of useful information.  REAL information, not just a bunch of recycled fad diet crap and two-bit psychobabble.  Shawn writes in a very easy-going style that speaks directly to you, especially if you are a middle aged man.  Anyway; in the book, Shawn writes that people going balls to the wall on any type of fitness program after years of neglect frequently fail.  The body just burns out because of all the toxins that you start off with in the beginning.  It would be kind of like taking an old junkie car and putting it on the race track.  You might be able to get a lap or two in, but in short order, the engine is going to blow.  There is just too much gunk built up over the years.

Shawn suggests doing a 12-day base camp before launching a serious program.  A way of rebooting your body and prepping it for a true transformation.  The guidelines are simple; eat lean, clean, and green.  That means lean sources of protein.  No processed or junk foods.  And lots of fruits and vegetables.   In other words, eat healthy.  No dairy.  No bread.  No sugar.  For 12 days in order to get your body in a position to do some changes.  There is also the guideline of drinking plenty of water, no alcohol, and getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night.  Shawn also recommends taking a few moments every day to express gratitude as a means of building positive energy for yourself.

The main problem I have with sticking with a program is that I feel like crap all the time...more so when I start seriously watching my diet and exercising.  Shawn promises that after 12 consistent days of sticking to this base camp I will feel energized and will able to stick to the transformation that I have aimed at for so long.  We'll see.  I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Today Sucked

This day totally sucked eggs.  This was the morning that I went to the dentist to have a couple of teeth yanked out of my skull.  In preparation for the ordeal, I was prohibited from eating or drinking after 10pm last night.  That means waking up with no breakfast, no water, NO COFFEE.

So you can imagine I didn't start off with a particularly bubbly mood.  Follow the rest of today with pain.  Once the anesthetic wore off, it felt as if somebody hit me in the jaw with a hammer.  Painkillers help...barely...but all in all, this is turning into one very long day.  To top it all off, I think I may have lost my southern accent along with the teeth.  I dunno...maybe it's just the swelling.

On the plus side.....I probably lost a couple of pounds due to not feeling much like eating anything.  Not exactly a diet plan I want to keep.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Good Die Young

The absolutely wonderful pineapple upside down cake my wife made for my birthday lasted three whole days.  I think that demonstrates a great deal of restraint on my part.  If I had waited a few more minutes or at least cut the last piece in half, I could have said four days......but it was especially long and tough day for me so I treated myself.