Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm up against that dreaded brick wall...trying to break under 200 lbs. I seem to be hanging just above it; getting tantalizingly close then creeping up a couple pounds. I feel that if I could manage to slip under 200 then the weight would start falling once again and, in no time, I could reach my dream goal of 175 lbs....or maybe even my fantasy goal of 160.

Maybe it will happen this week.

Monday, March 21, 2011

One Month

Not much difference. Well...maybe a little. Still have a couple more to go. Let's see what happens.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Grace Under Pressure

I think something is wrong with me.

My job is somewhat stressful. It requires me to think and juggle several tasks during the day. I deal with intense emotions from other people. I'm required to make on-the-spot decisions that are often seconded-guessed by my superiors if the results go astray. The paperwork load is so immense I can't go to the bathroom without writing a report about the experience. I have watched my job burn through a lot of people...some not even lasting a couple of months.

I've done it for 15 years and love it.

Here I sit after a very long and hectic day looking forward to being on-call for the next 40 hours or so and I can't for the life of me figure out why I don't seem to be affected by the same stress that makes so many others crumble. I'm not super-human. I don't have any particular skills in dealing with pressure. For some reason though....the more stressful my job is during the day...the happier I am. It invigorates me.

Like I said; I have a screw loose somewhere.

Works for me though.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Yogurt,Yogurt, Everywhere

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I like Yogurt. It use to be one of those "hippie" foods that were simple, cheap, and nutritious.

Use to be.

Yogurt has become a fad food item now, and it comes in just about any flavor that you can imagine.....and most of it is unhealthy crap. They are loaded with corn syrup, except for the low fat varieties which are loaded with artificial sweeteners. You can find a brand of Greek yogurt that has neither for the bargain price of a dollar for a little tub filled with about two spoons full.

Basically, I walk by the yogurt section in the grocery with much the same feeling I have in the cereal aisle.....row upon row of different packaging of the same junk. None of it the least bit healthy for a body.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Free Day Treat

Free day...or that one day of the week where I don't worry about what I'm eating or how much. I suppose I could spend all day eating all kinds of crap but that would kind of defeat the purpose of changing my habits; of eating healthy foods, even when I eat a lot of them. So I eat what I eat during the week but have seconds. I have treats as well, such as a delicious pint of chocolate milk.

Yeah, I know, there is a lot of opinion about whether milk is good for you or not. The chemical flavored stuff in cardboard cartons you buy in stores that come from cow factories, loaded with hormones, and spiked with corn syrup...yeah....that stuff is poison. The stuff pictured above though....mmmmm. It's from a local dairy. No additives. No hormones. Just fresh milk in a glass bottle that tastes like I remembered as a boy.

Once a Sunday. I wait all week for it.