Sunday, January 02, 2011

First Day

Wow....2011. Seems hard to believe that not only is it past what use to be the premier book of the future for me, Arthur C. Clarke's 2001, but even past his sequel 2010. There are a lot of things that didn't come to pass just as there are many others that I never expected or dreamed of...being overweight among them.

I didn't really do too bad during the last year. Despite several unexpected events and injuries, I managed to lose about twenty pounds and keep it off. Still fat. Still out of shape. Yet I haven't gotten worse. That's something, I suppose.

My project this year is to chronicle every day. That's boring, I know, but though the devil is in the details it's also where the dullness lies. I'll be putting my weight number on this calender every day. I'm not really obsessed by scale numbers but it is a measurement and I want to see what it trends out to over the course of weeks and months. I'll also take photos every day for the same reason. I want to see what happens to my body composition over the course of a year.

My exercise plan is three days of weightlifting alternated by three days of cardio. One day of rest. I will be going slow at first to avoid injury. I'll write a bit about diet though I won't really have one. I'm merely going to do portion control while sticking to healthy carbs, proteins, and lotsa veggies and fruit.

And...of course....Monday cat blogging.
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