Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Cat Blogging

Well...I know I said I was going to start moving on this blog, but my Mom died last week and I'm just not feeling it right now.  I was also off work all week to deal with the funeral and be with family, so I have a mountain of paperwork to catch up on.

Life goes on...and so will this blog.  Be back soon.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Wednesday Cat Blogging

Okay.....I know what you're thinking...."what's with all the fucking cat pictures?"

Yeah, you're right, that's all that has been here for the last month.  There are several reasons.  One is that they are easy.  My cat is usually hanging around when I'm at my computer and it's a simple matter to snap off a photo.  I'm also very fond of my cat and, like any parent who dotes on their children, just assume that everybody else in the world enjoys seeing how adorable she is.   Another reason is that I am incredibly busy at my job.  This time of year is especially hectic in my line of work, plus I have the added burden of completing performance evaluations on my entire staff across three shifts.  By the time I get home, writing is about the last thing I want to do.

The biggest reason, however, is that I'm wanting to take things in a new direction...thought not really sure what that direction will be.  I played around with the chalk words at my feet but I felt it was starting to become repetitive and boring.  I feel like I need something here to add some oomph.  One idea I am playing with is to gear up with my YouTube channel and make it much more professional and polished looking.  I need much better editing software because what I have now is crap.  I'm also playing with the idea of leaving Blogger and getting a dedicated website.  I've been with Blogger for years and it has served me well, especially since it's free, but there are a lot of things I want to do with a blog that I just cannot do here.

All these things will take money and time...neither of which I have an abundance of right now.  Changes are coming though so hang around.  I'll even try to lay off on so many cat photos.

....unless a really cute one comes up