Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who Needs a Life?

I am beginning to think that the primary duty of a supervisor is to delegate their work load to others. At least it seems that way to me. When my team is down several members, our supervisors leap into action and assign us to cover the shortfall. When reports on their departments have to be in ASAP my supervisors selfishly remain at their office for an extra five minutes past quitting time to write an email instructing me to get them done yesterday.

I'm drowning in paperwork....mine and that of my supervisors in my management heavy agency.

Is it the weekend yet?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Now Comes the Hard Part

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It's been my experience, based on the several times I've tried to quit smoking, that the first few days are surprisingly easy. Well.. maybe easy is not the right word, but certainly bearable. What makes it bearable for me is using nicotine patches. You can say all you want about how I'm just substituting one nicotine delivery system for another; but the patches deliver a far less amount of nicotine during the day than with all the cigarettes and without all the smoke. Plus, it stabilizes my mood so that I don't wind up getting fired or divorced. The most important thing that the patch does; however, it to keep me from getting cigarettes and lighting up "just one...or maybe two". If I don't put a fresh one on first thing in the morning, I will "put it off" and I will smoke before the day is over. So my ritual in the mornings has become exercising, showering, patch; with no opportunity to think about it or let my mind create any of the excuses that seem to be perfectly reasonable at the time.

After the first few days! I get brief and very intense cravings periodically through the day. They only last a second or two but make me almost want to cry because the are so powerful.

I'm hoping that will pass.