Monday, March 14, 2011

Yogurt,Yogurt, Everywhere

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I like Yogurt. It use to be one of those "hippie" foods that were simple, cheap, and nutritious.

Use to be.

Yogurt has become a fad food item now, and it comes in just about any flavor that you can imagine.....and most of it is unhealthy crap. They are loaded with corn syrup, except for the low fat varieties which are loaded with artificial sweeteners. You can find a brand of Greek yogurt that has neither for the bargain price of a dollar for a little tub filled with about two spoons full.

Basically, I walk by the yogurt section in the grocery with much the same feeling I have in the cereal aisle.....row upon row of different packaging of the same junk. None of it the least bit healthy for a body.

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Sasha said...

I just make it myself. It's easy and cheap. We eat a ton of it over here, too. Especially since drinking white milk makes me gag and I'm trying to stay away from the chocolate syrup!