Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I happen to like rice. It's easy to prepare, cheap, nutritious, non-fattening, and goes well with just about anything. The common wisdom; however, is to eat brown rice rather than white. Trouble is....I don't particularly like brown rice. Oh, I can eat it and I can tell myself that it's better for me than the fluffy white rice while I'm spending several minutes trying to chew a mouthful, but there is no joy in the meal. One thing I have learned is that, if I don't like what I'm eating, I'll quit eating it eventually and most likely will find something else that is not so good for me. So I compromised. I've mixed half and half of brown rice with some sticky sushi rice. The blend is perfect, giving me the best of both.

And I think this is the secret to sucess on any type of planned eating. I see a lot of people go on diets that are all about exclusions. Don't eat this. Never eat that. I see a lot of people fail those diets because....let's be honest....those that need to diet do so because they LOVE to eat. I just feel that you do not have to give up the pleasure of food in order to be healthy.
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