Monday, October 11, 2010

Devil in the Details

I had a co-worker who described a particularly hectic day at work last week as trying to tread water with a swarm of rats clinging on to you. A somewhat gruesome image, but it did describe for me the frequent feeling of being overwhelmed with details and slowly sinking in an ocean of demands, duties, and deadlines. One day passes to several that passes to weeks to months and the grand goals for fitness are always just out of reach...because you are being pulled under by details. How to do it? How to shake the minutia of daily living to develop a new way of living daily? That's a question I struggle with all the time.

I'm losing...dammit.

I get lots of advice from folks that do seem to have the time and energy to stick to healthy eating and consistent exercise. Actually, the advice is usually in the form of "just do it", which is about as helpful as telling an addict "just say no". Like an addict...I know what to do but changing the way one lives while continuing to live a particular way is a bit more difficult than those who give the advice may imagine. That is why most effective behavior modification attempts take place in isolation from a person's everyday life.

But I can't do that!

I have a job....a demanding with responsibilities that I just can't walk away from or put on a back burner while I get my shit together with other stuff. My job requires my full attention. It requires a willingness to respond with no regard to the clock or the calender, whether I'm hungry or sick, sleepy, or dead tired.

Many people have that problem, especially those my age. We have responsibilities. Unlike some twenty-somethings..our lives are not entirely our own. Other people depend upon us. I'm searching for an answer, a secret, on how to change a lifestyle while living in a lifestyle. How to shake off a few of the rats.


BecBennett said...

I'm glad you said "some twenty-somethings." We have responsibilities too, these days very few 20 somethings don't have full time work, large debts to pay, and people who depend on them - even if they're not children.

Treading water with a swarm of rats clinging to you, comes really close to describing my job, while I've managed to work out the fitness problem that you mentioned, I still seem to be left with the problem of getting out of the water and leaving all those rats behind...

connieemeraldeyes said...

I am getting my head wrapped around trying to lose weight. It is something you have to think about constantly and the world bombards you with thoughts of food. I was good today, but it is a daily battle. My husband just bought some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I think he does it just to tempt me.