Monday, January 09, 2012

Tempus Fug It

One of the little things that Einstein forgot to mention in all of his work about relativity is the phenomenon of time passing more quickly as you age.  I it is already 2012.  It only seems like yesterday everybody was all caught up in Thanksgiving and Christmas; now both are long gone and we are screaming almost half-way through January.  Days seem to fly by turning one week over to the next.  It's almost like, being on the downhill side of a usual lifespan, time keeps gaining momentum the closer you get to the end.

Anyway...that's my excuse for not writing more often.


Hackenbush said...

The River of Life

THE more we live, more brief appear
Our life's succeeding stages;
A day to childhood seems a year,
And years like passing ages.

The gladsome current of our youth, 5
Ere passion yet disorders,
Steals lingering like a river smooth
Along its grassy borders.

But as the careworn cheek grows wan,
And sorrow's shafts fly thicker, 10
Ye stars, that measure life to man,
Why seem your courses quicker?

When joys have lost their bloom and breath,
And life itself is vapid,
Why, as we reach the Falls of Death 15
Feel we its tide more rapid?

It may be strange—yet who would change
Time's course to slower speeding,
When one by one our friends have gone,
And left our bosoms bleeding? 20

Heaven gives our years of fading strength
Indemnifying fleetness;
And those of youth, a seeming length,
Proportion'd to their sweetness.

Thomas Campbell

april_denise said...

Haha, nice excuse, I use that as well :D That, and my life is not as interesting as it used to be. :)

I agree though, this year is already flying by way too fast...