Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Measure of a Man

There are many ways to measure progress when trying to loose weight.  Scales are good.  I know some folks say don't pay attention to the scale because it doesn't tell you how much fat you might be losing or gaining; but, admit it, we all want to see a lower number on the bathroom scale.  Calipers and a tape measure are better but it takes time and a bit of math skill...which I have neither on a regular basis.

Ah...but a belt...that's a good one.  I wear a belt every day.  Not so much as a fashion accessory but to avoid the public faux pas of having my pants drop to my ankles and revealing my plaid drawers to a cruel and mocking world.  The thing with belts is that, as you lose or gain weight, you go up or down a notch.  The belt I'm showing was bought last August when I started this fitness thing.  At that time, I used the first notch.  Then I slipped to the second, the third, all the way down to the fifth.  About a month ago, I took a nail and made a sixth notch. And still my pants were in danger of sliding down if I took a deep breath or walked too quickly.

So I went out and bought a new belt.  Not as dramatic as holding up a pair of giant trousers...but it is significant to me.

Shows progress.  Shows change.Shows yet another reason why I don't use suspenders


Sean Symons said...

Awesome! I had to cut my belts shorter!

Don said...

It is finally about time that I buy a new belt for the same reason! (Hate the flapping extra length, and don't like the look of a "cut" one...)

Friar Don, OBR