Thursday, September 04, 2014

I've never been anywhere near what somebody might call a jock.  Athletics is just something that wasn't that big a part of my life.....mainly because I sucked at sports.  When you don't have natural athletic ability as a child, the various coaches in school tend to either brush you off or taunt you for their own amusement.  I'm reminded of the first school coach I had; twisted sadistic asshole who had absolutely no business being around children (eff you Coach Summers...wherever your rotting soul is at).  As a result, school pretty much squeezed any love of sports right out of me and I spent my years in the band while avoiding anything resembling physical exertion.  

Oh...I had a bit of a revival in boot camp.  I didn't have much of a choice about physical exertion every day.  The drill instructor was a sadistic asshole too, but he didn't play favorites and was a sadistic asshole to everybody.  Once out of boot camp though, I didn't do any "exercise" unless I was ordered to do so and, once I left the Navy, nobody ordered me to do anything.  These were the years when I was still a scrawny 120 lbs and my body could burn several hundred calories just walking to the fridge.

That changed.  My attitude toward physical exertion didn't.  Result - year after year, pound after pound added, until I became what is clinically called morbidly obese....or in layman's terms.....fat as a hog and twice as ugly.

So naturally I dove into a gym and started working out with a passion. 


It took a while.  I had to get over the fear of even stepping into a gym.  This is something that a lot of folks have, especially if you have never been into one or it's been a very long time since you have stepped into a gym to workout.  You feel very out of place.  It's an alien environment full of strange machines occupied by large and fit people....athletes......jocks.

"but I'm not one of them"

I found out that's not true.  I have an inner athlete that was waiting all these years to break out.  We all do.  The body likes to be active.  The brain rewards itself with feel good chemicals when we work out.  Our muscles were made to move but sometimes we can forget that when they are neglected long enough.

Get off your ass.  Go exercise every day.  Tap the inner athlete and lock away the outer couch potato.

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