Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Product Review Monday

I thought I would get back to doing product reviews and to start off this new Monday trend, I'm reviewing an ice cream bar called Arctic Zero.

So....right off the bat....it doesn't claim to be ice cream.  It's a frozen dessert, whatever the hell that means.  I have seen these little babies in the grocery store for several months and wanted to give them a try.  Being diabetic has really shit-canned my love of ice cream.  I'll look longingly at ice cream once in a while but even the super duper low fat, low sugar kind either still has way too much sugar..or the serving size is so ridiculously small that it's not worth the trouble.  This stuff, however, looked to be a decent size as well as very low in sugar and fat.  Plus it was dark chocolate!  The only thing that was holding me back was the price.  They are about $6 for a box of four.  My love of ice cream is only surpassed by my cheapness.

But the other day was my birthday...so what the hell....I treated myself and bought a box.

I was pleased that the actual bars were a decent size.  So many of the "low calorie" bars that you find are about the size of your finger.  I was, however, struck by the fact that the calorie count on the bar was a bit higher than the one advertised on the box.  Not that big a deal...but still weird.

The bar looks very yummy and the tissue thin outer chocolate shell is okay...pretty subtle flavor of chocolate, but it is there.  The "rich, fudgy chocolate" though was absolutely tasteless.  It actually tasted like a water popsicle.  Not bad, not good, not anything.   I was left wondering where the hell the 85 calories were in this bar.  It certainly wasn't in the flavoring.  As I mentioned at the first, I understand that this is NOT ice cream and I wasn't expecting it to taste like a heaping scoop of Blue Bell....still....I was expecting to taste something!

To sum up:  Arctic Zero is a waste of money.  This box will probably stay in my freezer until my wife gets tired of it taking up space and tosses it in the trash. 

I just need to resign myself to not having ice cream anymore. 

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