Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Gotta Be Rock N Roll Music

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Just about the only place where I ever listen to the radio anymore is in my truck. Even then, it's only when I am driving alone these days because I have a tendency to turn up the volume...primarily because I'm old and deaf, but also because I like to rock out with good music. Sing along. Play air guitar and drums with the steering wheel. Things that make people believe I am having a seizure at stop lights and embarrass the hell out of my daughter when I drove her to school in the mornings.

It's getting harder to do that these days out here in Kansas. Spinning through the dial on the raid-ee-oh is increasingly becoming an exercise in annoying frustration. Country music dominates most of the selections and, while some of it is okay, I find most of the stuff sounds pretty much the same and get bored with it very quickly. Then there are the religious stations. They are actually kind of interesting, especially when they are preaching about the apocalypse and all that good stuff; but it's not what I need to put my groove on driving to work. There is one Spanish station that is kind of cool but I spend all my thoughts trying to translate the words to the songs rather than just enjoying the music, which sounds all the same to my ear anyway...kinda like rap. Oh, and then there is the classical music station...okay, but Mozart doesn't lend itself much to air drumming.

My one consistent oasis has been a rock station....a hard rock station. None of that namby pamby hip hop, or bee bop, pop, disco, or boy-band sludge. They played stuff that would get your adrenaline going and realize where the term 'heavy metal' came from.

No more.

That station switched its format to "alternative rock"....which, as near as I can figure out is a completely accurate label because it is definitely an alternative to anything I would call rock music.

Sigh. I use my Ipod now. It's just not the same. The damn earphone buds keep popping out.


Chandira said...

You know you can get a little thing that plugs into your cigarette lighter on the dash, and tunes into your radio to play your iPod from your regular speakers?

I can't listen to Seattle radio lately either. I used to listen to NPR in the morning, but it just depresses the sh*t out of me lately.

Chris Wysocki said...

Sirius satellite radio. It's awesome. They have portable units which can plug into your car stereo and work at home via wifi.

Jay said...

Chandira....Not a bad idea! I may try that. I have the same thoughts about NPR lately. Some mornings it's enough to make me want to turn around, go back home, and hide under the bed with a half gallon of ice cream.

Chris...I already feel like I'm being robbed for the "privilege" of watching TV. I'm not quite ready to accept the idea of paying to listen to radio.

Anonymous said...

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