Sunday, March 08, 2009

Tempus Fuggit

Daylight savings time really messes with my head. That's because my head takes a few days to get use to the concept that it is dark longer in the morning and lighter longer in the evening. It takes a while to train my brain to ignore visual cues and convince my body is not being forced to wake up an hour earlier than usual. Then there is also the problem of going to bed at my usual time (according to the clock) when I'm not sleepy.

Plus, it is going to take about a month before I get around to setting all my clocks and watches up one hour.

Except for the one in my pickup. I never can remember how to set the time on that so screw it, I'll just wait for November and it will be showing the right time once again.


Terry ( said...

With age comes patience which really helps at time change time. If you can just wait out the 6 months, all the times will be right again.


Jay said...

My wife will eventually get annoyed at seeing the wrong time and fix it for of the many reasons why she's a keeper.