Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why Exercise?

The thought occurred to me as I was shoveling snow off my walk for the third time this weekend..."this is pretty damn good exercise". Actually, I had other thoughts, but "damn" was certainly a word in there somewhere. Then I got to thinking about my plans for exercising and the goals I wanted to set. What type of exercise? There are loads of them and everybody has an opinion on what is great and what type are a waste of time. Some say go cardio. Others say cardio sucks and you should lift weights. Some are into rigid programs others just find something fun and interesting.

I'm not an expert. I'm going to do cardio for the benefit of what the name up my heart, lungs, and stamina. I'm also going to do weights to build up muscle, but with machines at first to limit any damage to my beat up old body since I have a tendency to do more than I should when I lift.

It's not very glamorous. Go to the gym three times a week and do cardio for about twenty minutes. Go another three times to work on the weight machines for an hour or so. Rest one day. Repeat.

Why do it?

So I can still do it in ten, twenty years or maybe beyond. As my ever admired role-model Terry says; to extend my best if used by date.
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Terry said...

Jay, you are right about the show shoveling being a good exercise. In fact, there is even a CrossFit workout that includes "Virtual Shoveling". Search on youtube for Virtual Shoveling.

You are also right that everyone has the "plan". We have to find one that works for us.

Have I mentioned the book "Younger Next Year" go you yet. It's written specifically for guys 50 and older that want to be able to continue to move into their 80's. Check your library for it or consider Amazon. It's only about 15 bucks.

Although you have not mentioned it recently I wanted to say "good job" on your stop smoking plan. It's great to be a non smoker. You did that, you can do anything.


Jay said...

I've heard you mention "Younger Next Year" several times. My library has it but it's checked out right now. I requested a hold on it and the companion book for women. If it takes too long, I might break down and go to a bookstore to look for it. From the does sound like it was written specifically for guys like us, which is pretty darn rare for health and fitness books.