Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I think that snowstorms suck but, like many things in my life, I don't really have any control over events...just how I react to them. I can sit moaning and groaning about the weather all winter long; it's not going to change a thing. The snow is still on the ground. It's still cold. The cosmos doesn't care about my comfort or convenience. All I can do is try to stay warm and wait patiently until Spring.

I can't control other people. Oh sure, I can manipulate a little but it's very temporary and entirely dependent upon another in allowing themselves to be swayed. I can't even get my cat to do what I want. She will blithely claw up the furniture no matter how much I yell at her. About the only thing I have a modicum of control is my own body.

Even that is selective.

I can't control getting a cold. I can't control aches and pains after working out. I can't control all the effects of steadily getting older.

I can control my weight. Wow! I really do get the total decision on what I put in my mouth and how often. I get to decide if the food I do eat is stored as fat or if my body moves around enough to build muscle and burn calories as fuel. Right now I'm losing about one to two pounds a week. That's not something that is happening to me, it's something I'm doing to myself.

I am in control.

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