Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hard Drug

I've never had to struggle with anything like I have in giving up smoking. As a little background about myself, I use to do drugs....lotsa them. I never really got into alcohol but I tried and liked just about everything else that was out there. How I managed not to wind up dead or in prison is a testament to luck of the stupid rather than any skill on my part. I did reach a point in my life where pretty much everybody that was important to me didn't really like me, so I made some changes, starting with giving up drugs and the lifestyle that went with it. It wasn't all that difficult. I just didn't do drugs anymore. No 12-step. No intervention. I just became tired of who I was and started doing things differently. I stopped my addictions.

Well...almost. I'm having a fight with smoking. Have been for quite a while. Sometimes I win. Most times the cigarettes win. I've held them off for today. Tomorrow....who knows?

This is the hardest drug for me to leave behind.
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