Monday, March 15, 2010

Ides of March

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It just feels like a most auspicious time to pull everything together and strive toward that ever elusive goal that is the title of this blog. It's March 15th...the Ides...the Idus old Roman holiday which was filled with fun and feast for all, except Julius Caesar I suppose. It also provided a great throwaway line in one of William Shakespeare's plays.

It's so close to spring you can smell it. No more snow (maybe) and the temps are mostly well above freezing. Daylight savings time is in place to kind of jump start the season; granting an extra hour of daytime in the evening while everybody is inside watching TV.

And, of course, Sean is all hot to start a challenge and I'm thinking that it might be good to start one with him. I can't think of anybody more enthused about doing things than Sean. If ever a guy can be called "bubbly" it would be Sean.

One problem though....I have no gym at the moment. My membership expired at my last one and I'm considering going back to a membership at the YMCA. Trouble is, since it's a corporate rate membership, I have to wait until all the red tape clears up between the Y and human resources where I work. Until then, I've dragged out my dumbbells. It's not very convenient and I'm pretty limited on what I can do with them...but I got an upper body workout done for today. This is the year I move beyond trying to reach the goal of being fit past fifty and achieve it.

What say'st thou to me now? I'm a dreamer?


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