Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weighing a Decision

A couple of weeks ago, my membership to Anytime Fitness expired. I hate to mention that I didn't exactly wear out my membership card by using it, but I have goals of getting more into a gym than I have of late. Yet, this was a good time to think about whether I wanted to re-up at Anytime Fitness or try someplace else. I briefly considered some other gym memberships in town but, I've been burned before with gyms that suddenly go out of business leaving you hanging with already paid dues, so I wanted one that I was sure would be around for a good long time. That left me with two...Anytime Fitness and the YMCA.

Both are pretty solid. So I did what I always tell my clients to do when they want to make a choice between two seemingly equal options...I made a pro and con list.

Close to home, less than five minute drive
Good equipment
Open 24/7
People are serious about fitness
No rug rats running around without parents
Cheapest membership in town
A bit small, doesn't take much to make it crowded
A lot of self-appointed trainers
Weight machines and treadmills...that's all
It seems most people can't exercise without talking on their cell phone

YMCA pro:
Three gyms in my town
Good equipment...gobs of it
More people my age
Swimming pool, racket ball court, sauna, shower, locker room etc., etc.
Other people leave you alone and don't try to train you
YMCA con:
A bit of a drive, about 15 minutes without traffic or snow
Membership cost is double of Anytime Fitness.
Sometimes crowded and cannot get on the equipment you want
Lots of people seem to just lounge on the equipment and socialize
Kids playing on the cardio equipment as if they are playground monkey bars
Closes in the evening during the week, shortened hours on Sunday, closed on holidays.

After making the list, I wasn't much closer to deciding. I finally had to go with something that really can't be quantified....I feel comfortable working out at the YMCA. Don't get me wrong; Anytime Fitness is a great place, it's just that I've never felt at ease going there. I can't really explain it other than to say that I don't feel the need to "dress up" to go work out when I've gone to the YMCA.

So, I'm back at the Y.

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