Thursday, November 01, 2012

Already Gone

 Who doesn't love the Eagles?  What a great band.  Great songs.  One of my favorites is Already Gone, and my favorite line is the one in the photo above.

This is a very simple truth that most of us don't really "get".  We build our own chains in life.  Link by link, as Jacob Marley's ghost described in a Christmas Carol, we add years of chains...carrying them around in a desperate search for somebody or something to take them away.

Forgetting we have the key.

My wife lost a sister to suicide last week.  She struggled with depression for years and seems that it finally had taken it's toll.  I'm not wise enough to argue whether her choice was the right one or not.  I do wish that she had discovered her key while she still had time to free herself.

May we all find our keys in time.

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