Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving would really be a fairly healthy eating day for me.  Turkey is a good, lean, high protein and all the fitness gurus say that it's a great meal choice.  Of course...adding on the extras in most holiday meals; like stuffing, gravy, taters, green bean casserole, pie, more pie, and just one more sliver of pie but I'll leave off the whipped cream this time so it's okay...kinda throws that idea out of whack.

I'll be working this Thanksgiving so the temptations of gorging will not be available.  Lots of people work today.  Nurses, police, firemen, all types of care providers.  We do it willingly because we understand it's part of the job.  People need us day and night, even on holidays.  Be thankful that there are such people.

Think about the poor and homeless as well.  Oh....we all think about them today and in just about every community there will be huge Thanksgiving feeds to the needy.  All well and good but these folks will need a meal tomorrow as well.  So, while you are enjoying your feast and being thankful that you can indulge for today, save up a tiny portion of your bounty and give it to somebody struggling with a great deal less during your mad spending frenzy tomorrow.

Just a thought.  Sorry to sound preachy.

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Doris said...

I'm sure I read your post the other day on a blog surf but somehow that pic of the turkey sure makes one want to stop and comment!

Good luck with your endeavours :-)