Sunday, May 18, 2014

Guaranteed Smoking Cessation Method

I'm thinking about writing a book filled with cutting edge techniques and advice on how to quit smoking.  I hope to make a load of money because I've discovered an absolutely sure way to quit tobacco use.  Not only are results guaranteed but the effects are immediate and very inexpensive.  I'm basing it on all the things I've learned with my success in completely giving up tobacco and nicotine after 40 years as a smoker.  

Slim book.  One page.  One sentence.

Stop smoking!

What's that?  You wanted something complicated?  Something magical?  Maybe a pill or complex system that would make the withdrawal easy?

Sorry.  The best and only way to stop smoking is to just stop smoking....cold turkey.  Yeah, it's uncomfortable for a few days but it gets easier.  It also works.  If you are considering quitting and using patches, gum, lozenges, or even vaping; you are really only fooling yourself.  That is the hard gained lesson I had to learn, and it took a heart attack and hospitalization to teach it to me.  

Quit.  Really....just quit.  You know it's the only way.

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