Wednesday, August 13, 2014


It is the hardest thing about going to a gym.....getting there.  Life just doesn't make it easy for most of us.  There's job, school, weather, gym open/close hours, and even friggin holidays which throw a monkey wrench into a plan of developing a daily exercise routine at the gym.  Then, once at the gym, you have to contend with getting a machine you need or weights that you want to use.  You either stand by waiting while some dillweed does reps for half an hour of almost no weight or asks to cut into your routine to pound out two reps at super high weights...leaving the seat or bench dripping with sweat before wandering off.  There are the ones who stand around visiting with others or yammering on their cell phones.  There are even those who sit at a machine.  Not doing anything....just sitting and staring off into space.  You ask to cut in and they give you a funny look and say "I'm just resting, be through in a minute".

All which conspire to give yourself a reason to, maybe, skip exercise today.  Then the next.  And the next.  And since you missed exercising for a few days, may as well fudge on your diet plan a bit.  In no time at all you discover that you've taken a big dose of fuckitall along with a shot of regret. 

Sticking to an exercise regiment is not easy but I always try to remember something a friend of mine told me about the need of self-discipline for getting and staying in shape.  "If it is important to you, you will find a way.  It it is not, you will find an excuse"

Excuses are easy to find.  Results require effort.

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