Monday, August 25, 2014

Some People Are Clueless

I like to wear headphones when I work out.  I've a selection of music on my MP3 player that helps me keep up a pace and gives me energy.  Plus, it just makes a session more enjoyable.  When I am playing music through my little earbuds....I'm focused.  I don't care about anything or anybody around me.  I'm centered on the task at hand which is either shooting for that extra mile on the elliptical or another two reps of weight over what I did the last time.  The one thing I do not want to do is have a conversation with some other person in the gym!

It invariably happens that, right when I get into a real good groove with my workout, right when my selected song hits a good spot where I can really push hard....some dumbass comes up to me and starts yammering.  I look up and see their lips moving but can't hear a word, so I yank out the earbuds.  I mean, it could be an emergency; like the gym is on fire or a rich dude is throwing hundred dollar bills around in the lobby.

It's never important.  It's always some type of mundane chit-chat.  "How long ya been working out?  Do you want a spot?  Some weather we're having, eh?"  Crap like that.  Why some people feel an obligation to have conversations with people that have no interest in talking is something I will probably never understand.

Perhaps the tiny earbuds are too subtle...and I need to upgrade to something larger and more obvious.

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