Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 25

I may not be posting much in the next few days. I'm pondering a change in the look of this place. It's a slow process for an old fart like me. I have most of the bad qualities of a geek without any of the expertise.

Any suggestions at all will be needed and welcome.


Martin Miller-Yianni said...

Who you calling an old fart, I'm over fifty, fit but then I'm not trying to play catch up. The secret is to use the fifty years you have had to keep yourself in shape.

I wish all all the best in your pursuit, changing the habit of a lifetime is hard. Good luck!

Jay said...

Just goes to prove that you have a lot more sense than I ever had. I can't do much about the last fifty years of my life...but I can do something today.

cjinspector said...

I appreciate your progressive goals in advancing your health, it is not too late. Anyone over 30, even younger should keep in track with his/her doctor. We should move forward within our limitations and improve to higher levels. No one should be calling each other old farts. I am in hope your physical aspirations will be reached to your best interests to enjoy life. It may be slow but you are accomplishing something each day and encouraging others.

Jay said...

Thanks cjinspector. I don't call other people old farts...but I refer to myself as one quite often.