Saturday, June 06, 2009

Last Smoke

Sitting here watching the ticker up top count down the last seconds while I finish what I hope is the last cigarette I ever put in my mouth for the rest of my life.

Such a simple thing to give up. After all, I know full well how bad it is for my health. I know that nothing...not one thing...I do toward my fitness goal will make any difference at all as long as I puff on cigarettes. I know. I know.

I counsel people about addictions, fer pete's I know!

Last seconds. One more puff. There it hour. Into the trash go the cigs.

No more.



I did it cold turkey 11 years ago drink lots of water and eats lots of fruit

Jay said...

I'm finding that sipping water when I get the urge really does help a lot.

carrie said...

something i think is strange... i never can/could get addicted to cigs.
i tried. i wanted to smoke. even if i tried to smoke three or four cigs a day, i never felt a true urge to smoke or any desire for it if i am by myself. i think i must be immune.

Jay said...

It actually takes a lot of practice to teach your body to like smoking. Smart ones like you give up on trying to "enjoy" cigarettes.