Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Will This Week Ever End?

Posted by Picasa's Wednesday, which use to be my Monday. I was always pretty rested and ready to start my week on Wednesdays but now it's more like my Fridays; which I guess will feel pretty good now but seems an awful long time in the future.

Dang. This is worse than switching to daylight savings time.


Terry ( said...

It's going to work out fine. Old pros like us can adapt to most anything.

How are the DAILY early morning workouts going? We want details.

Stay strong,


Terry ( said...

I just noticed your smoke tracker at the top of the page. Now is a perfect time to do this, while all these other changes are going on.

With the money you are saving maybe you can retire early.


Jay said...

Knowing how to adapt is how pros like us get to be old.

I throw up some workout details here soon.

The smoke tracker is counting down to D-Day...when me and a close friend are going to quit. I relapsed on smoking and I don't know why; but I'm not enjoying it like I use to so quitting again shouldn't be much of a problem.