Thursday, June 04, 2009

Workplace Snacking

I re-discovered a big disadvantage of working in my new location. The place where I use to have my office was a bit isolated. The only food available was whatever I brought myself. I tried to pack a bit of fruit for whenever I got the munchies and it was very easy to avoid sweets and chips....they just were not around.

However; the building that I now work in is full of people that love to eat. Donuts. Cakes. Cookies. Pot-luck lunches. Vending machines galore. You can't walk anywhere without unhealthy food popping up in front of your face. I tried to do my part to help mitigate this trend of shoveling sugar and fat in our mouths all day by leaving out a bunch of grapes and a container of strawberries for my fellow workers in our break room.

Two days later, I took them back to my office and ate it myself. Nobody had touched them. Surrounding the fruit were three empty boxes of donuts.
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