Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Grace Under Pressure

I feel good today. I feel good because I've come to the startling realization that, while I may not be physically in the best shape, I'm pretty strong with my mental health.

I recently changed duties at my job. The position that I had before for several years went to another....who left. Then to another who is desperately wanting to leave it because of the stress involved. It is a stressful job. Continuous crisis events, dealing with a wide range of people most of which are experiencing significant life crisis of their own. A thousand details. Countless decisions every day all day...some of which can be disastrous if the wrong choice is made.

It's a meat grinder; and I did it for several years. It was a difficult job but I made it look easy. I thrived on the pressure. I flourished being in charge. I walked showing grace under the type of pressure that appears to make most people crumble. I learned to let the turmoils of the job flow around me rather than batter me down to the ground. Like the trees that grew in my childhood home in West Texas...constantly blown by the wind and sand without giving into it's unrelenting force.

Now; however, I'm in a much calmer environment.

Yet I often feel like a misshapen tree in a sheltered forest. I miss the windstorms.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Jay, all that is stated is so very, very true. For those who chose to read this entry I can vouch as to the veracity of what is written. How can I do this? I am the one who is seeking to depart the insanity. One on one is one matter 5,10, or 15 to one is more than I choose to cope with, indeed cannot cope with. In addition to walking with grace through the storm Jay has superior clinical skills that he puts to incredibly good use. I trust Jay's assessment more than I do others who hold paper qualifications higher than that held by Jay. Plus, I have not known Jay to make an incorrect decision no matter how great the stress. Few, I believe, have the ability that Jay is proud of, and I applaud you, and I commend you for the ability to bend with the maelstron raging around you. One way or another I will not be there, but know this, the windstorms miss your calm and quit countenance.