Monday, October 31, 2011


This is a rough time of the year for someone like me who has a serious sweet tooth and trying to lose weight.  What to do about the tradition of giving out candy to groups of disguised little nose-pickers that come to your door, yell out "trick or treat", and stand there looking cute?  Take a stand against childhood obesity and early onset diabetes and give out apples and bananas?  I'm too soft-hearted for that.  Besides, I don't want to get my lawn TP'ed.

I thought of getting really cheap, really crappy candy....things like ribbon candy, butterscotch hard candy, and stale candy corn.  That would definitely deter me from sampling out of the Halloween bowl but, like I said, I'm too soft-hearted to inflict that upon kids.  They did go to all the trouble of dressing up in costume.  The least I can do is give out something to make it worth their while and to perk up their parents who have to drag their little darlings all over the neighborhood.

So...I get the good stuff...stuff I like....hence the problem.  There's the bowl by the door.  Oooooh lookie, an Almond Joy, I love those things, just one, it's a small size.  Hmmmm..Reese's...yum...just one....dang that was good, maybe one more.  Kit Kat eh?  I bet kids don't really like those, they're more an adult candy.

and on, and on, and on....till I turn off the lights so that there will not be a chance of any more trick or treaters while I sit in the dark gorging on the last Toostie Roll.


Andrea said...

I went the "really cheap, really crappy candy" route, and ran out of candy in 30 minutes. Was quite happy. But of course I have the kids' candy to try and stay out of....after I pick a few goodies out that is...

Hackenbush said...

I stayed totally away from any junk food for five days, then indulged a little yesterday. Hmm, I think we have a few Kit Kat's left. This is a tough time of year. My weight loss goals are very modest for November and December. I'm aiming for two pounds in Nov and just one in Dec.

Don said...

My feelings about the candy too! This year I was tied up with work, so wasn't home for the candy spree, so I was able to bypass it this year, but the desire was there!!

I love candy and soda, but in both cases I am trying to cut them out of my life and get on track for getting in shape myself!