Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Two Months

No change at all from last month.  Well, I did somehow manage to lose half a pound....whoopdee doo.   My bodyfat percentage still hangs at 36% though.

I know what happened.  October was a busy month at work and I did a great deal of sitting during the day.  Feeling drained by the time I arrived back home, I was too tired to exercise.  So I put it off until the next day...then the next....then th.......you get the idea.

Diet is not enough.  I have to move more weights to get rid of my weight.

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Don said...

However, you are over two months smoke free! That is good! (Assuming the count up clock is for that still?)

The weight will hit plateaus every so often and you may be at one of those now. It may be time to change up your exercise some?

Say, go to bed a bit earlier and get up a bit earlier and do it before you go to work?