Thursday, December 06, 2012

I Think I Can

I mentioned previously that there are several folks who have informed me that this goal of achieving health and fitness is unrealistic at my age.  I believe that most of them have good intentions.  Not like they are telling me that I personally can never do this, just that it's physically impossible to do certain things at a certain play pro football, become a champion skateboarder, or go dancing and drinking all night.  And I agree...those are physical limits that, no matter how much I may WANT to do, I am not able.  I couldn't even do them when I was young.

I don't see limits when it comes to fitness though.  I can control what and how much I eat.  I can control how much or little activity I do every day.  Muscle can be gained and defined as long as my body is still functioning.  Health is not exclusive to the young.

I'm a firm believer in the idea that we are largely in control of how we feel both mentally and physically.  Even though we may not have a lot of control with what happens to us, we have a great deal of control of how we react.  I choose how I want to feel.  I can be happy, satisfied, sad, or unfulfilled.  I choose what I eat.  I can eat healthy and nutritious foods or stuff my face with crap.  I choose whether to exercise or not.  Nobody is forcing me to go to the gym anymore than I am being forced to sit on the couch.

Some people think that I cannot be fit and healthy.  I think that I can.  Since it's my body, I get to decide who is right.


Josh said...

You can do it Jay. I've been rooting for you for years.

Jo said...

And I thought I loved coffee! I see that you are a vaper also (I found you on youtube) I love your site here! And I'm sure you've tried the coffee flavored juices, yes? Those are so good. My favorite thing in life used to be waking up to hot steaming coffee, and a hot steaming cigarette. Now, I wake up to a hot steaming e-cigarette filled with some sort of coffee flavored juice. It does help. There are some really good ones out there to lessen the sting of trying to give up the bad things we love. (I can see that you're already quite aware of Kingpin's stuff!) Life is good again. Good luck!