Monday, September 23, 2013

Shit Just Got Real.

Isn't that the way things usually go?  Everybody talks about doing this, doing that, not doing whatever....and we talk and talk and talk, but really, where is the pressure to change?  I have the title of this blog of being finally fit after 55.  Yet, here I am, after 55, still not fit.  Probably best to change that title.

It was always sometime in the future.  Someday.  Not today too much to do and reaaaalllly don't want to get into all that effort of changing my lifestyle today.  Maybe this weekend.  Maybe next month.  Before my next birthday for sure!

It was all bullshit.

Oh, I was making small changes here and there.  Losing a bit of weight.  Kind of exercising.  Eating better.  But ignoring the big elephant in the room.  My father developed diabetes.  I knew I was a prime candidate for it, but I had myself in denial.  My father had a heart attack which eventually led to his death.  I also knew I was a prime candidate and also was in fever pitched denial about the possibility of following in Dad's footsteps.

Last Friday though, I started retracing some of those footsteps of Dad.  I had been having chest pains off and on for several days.  Usually they would go away and I would forget about it.  Friday night though, they didn't go away after a few seconds...they go worse.  Now, I may really thrive in the state of denial but even I know the symptoms of a heart attack.  So, with great reluctance, I told my wife who quickly whisked me off to the hospital emergency room.

While getting poked and prodded at the ER, blood was taken and it rang the bell on the super duper sweet side.  Into a hospital bed I went with IV's, insulin, constant monitoring, and scheduled for all kinds of heart tests the next day.  The next day confirmed a problem with my heart and a stent installed.

So the upshot is....diabetes and heart disease.  Neither possibilities any more.  I'm having to make significant life changes in just about everything I do.  No choice.  No choice.

Well....I guess I always had a choice.  I just have to live with the consequences of the ones I made for myself.


Sasha said...

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” --Hippocrates

Change is possible. So is healing. It is time to be really kind to your body. I'm going to start doing the same. I totally changed supper plans after talking to you today. Time to be more conscious of what we're putting in our mouths. Oh, and I need to go for a walk every now and then...

Jay said...

Yeah hon...I'm afraid your genetics kind of suck. You need to be kind to your body and keep an eye out on problems you may have down the road.

Beautiful Moon said...

My close family member diagnosed with critical diabetic (super sweet), hypertension (which is super high-above 200mmHg) and kidney dysfunction stage 5 early this year upon his first check after numerous ignorance of all symptoms showned many times. His illness mainly due to genetic from parents and ignorance throughout the years (uncontrolled diet and drinks, no exercise at all, living habits etc.). I suppose his condition is far worse than you, but he is working hard to at least maintaining or improve his condition. Please please monitor your health and change most of your habits now (most critical is what you put in your mouth) and exercise more. Do take note on exercise you'll be allowed for especially heart problem patient. Slow walk would be a better suggestion for now.

Wish you well and do take care.

Jay said...

Thanks Beautiful Moon. Wise words.