Monday, February 10, 2014

Now I Only Need The Sex and Rock 'n Roll

I've got the drugs.  Lots of them.  Drugs to lower my blood sugar.  Drugs if it gets too low.  Drugs for my heart, my blood pressure, my cholesterol.  Drugs to thin my blood and sooth my tummy.  A special itty bitty drug to take if I ever get that frightening tightness in my chest again.

None of them give me a buzz.  They cost a lot of money and some of the side effects are bothersome.  However; I guess one side effect of not taking them is dying...which kind of sucks, so I take them.  Several times a day.  I was the type of person that didn't do pills.  Never even liked taking an aspirin.

Those days are gone forever.

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Anonymous said...

so glad you're here with us!Thanks for all you do! Lisa J