Thursday, March 06, 2014

Got Strength?

I took the plunge and bought a case of Full Strength.  It's a nutrition shake specifically designed for men and particularly good for (ahem) more seasoned men.  It was a bit of a difficult plunge because, as most people who know me know, I'm picky about how I spend my money.  Full Strength is pricey.  Including shipping costs, this stuff comes out to about $5 a serving.  That's not outrageous for a nutritious and satisfying meal...but if it turned out to be just another BS product that sits on my shelf, then I would be annoyed and my wife would be more so for wasting money AND kitchen space.  So I had to be careful.  Had to make sure this was something that I really wanted and something that would really be beneficial for me.

I've tried Full Strength before and liked it.  It's probably the only nutrition shake that I've ever had that didn't taste like some chemical cocktail mixed in a dirty sock.  This stuff is actually pretty tasty.  The nutrients it has is ideal.  Also, it is put out by Shawn Phillips, who is a no-nonsense straight-talking fitness guru that I trust.  There was a slight problem when I tried to order a case and they were out of chocolate.  Evidently, they only make this stuff in small batches and it's not stockpiled somewhere in a warehouse for several years...which is good.  Still, I didn't know if I would like the vanilla flavor (they only make it in the two flavors).

The primary reason I need a shake to replace a meal is due to my job.  I don't get an official lunch break, I just eat when I can where I can.  Most times that means at my desk.  More times than not, it means that I don't have enough time all at once to eat a decent meal.  The nutrition shake is my answer.  I can mix it up and drink it down in a few minutes...but there are some requirements that I need for that; it has to be something that will satisfy me because I don't want to be hungry again in an hour or so, it has to taste good so that I will actually look forward to drinking it rather than holding my nose and gulping it down, and it has to mix well in a shaker bottle since I rarely carry a blender in my shirt pocket.

The Full Strength met those requirements.  Some time ago I had done a taste test on the shakes and thought they were great but I had only tried the chocolate at work in the shaker bottle.  Would the vanilla taste okay shaking it by hand at work?  Should I risk getting a whole case of something that I'm not absolutely sure will work for me?

Fortunately, there was an answer.  Full Strength and Shawn Phillips will offer free samples.  You pay for shipping but that's reasonable....can't expect a company to give out freebies to any yahoo who asks for it and stay in business for very long.  Paying shipping makes you put some skin in the game.  They only give out so many samples a day so, if you don't make it one day, try again the next.  Anyway, I sent off for a sample so that I could try the vanilla at work.  Needless to say it met all my expectations and I am now a confirmed customer.

I usually don't shill for products, but this is a really good one.  Check out the web page.  Check out Shawn Phillips.  Get a sample and try this stuff yourself.  You won't regret it.

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