Monday, March 03, 2014

Hauling Ass

It's one of my pet peeves.

 Yeah...I know...I have a bunch of them, but this peeve really peeves me more than usual.  They are in stores all the time.  Huge fat people using the store-provided scooters to navigate down aisles loading up on food.  Now, I really am not one to judge others, and I completely understand that some physical disabilities are not always obvious...but c'mon....these folks are using the scooters because they are fat and too damn lazy to waddle around the store to pick up their supply of Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

Don't get me wrong.  Being a few hundred pounds overweight is definitely a disability.  I would imagine that even taking a few steps for some of these people would be flirting with heart attack or stroke, and I'm not against people using the scooters who just are not as fortunate as me in being able to walk around during the day.  What it is that really burns my grits are those who use the scooter to load up on all the types of food that most likely got them into the shape they are in to need the scooter in the first place.  It's just a lack of personal responsibility.

For example.....

I have type 2 diabetes.  The reason I have it is because of a lot of bad health choices over many years.  I could have avoided it but I chose to be in denial until it hit me in the face and I couldn't hide from the facts anymore.  From that point, I could have gone in two directions.  In one, I could have continued doing what I was doing, continue with the denial, take medications to treat the diabetes as well as the host of other physical ailments that would have followed, and complained about poor little me having a disability.  In the other, I can accept responsibility.  I couldn't do anything to change what I have already done to my body, but I can damn well control how I take care of it in the future.  That required changing some things....what to eat, what not to eat, stop smoking, exercise, exercise, and more exercise

And that's the same with morbidly obese people.  I'm not blaming them for being fat.  There really is no point in that.  What I do blame them for is STAYING fat.  If I see a really fat guy at the gym, I don't sneer and ask them what the hell they are doing there.  I know why they are there.  They want to change.  I respect the hell out of that because everybody at the gym is there for the exact same reason.  If I see a fat person on a scooter in the store picking out veggies, fruit, and lean foodstuffs....I think it's great and I will really admire them for wanting to change.

I see a fat person straining the load limits of a scooter while piling their basket up on Twinkies and day old donuts....I might sneer, but I'll probably thank the heavens that nobody I care about has their short unhappy life.  I'll feel sorry for them and hope they want to change before it's too late to change.

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Brandi :) said...

I know that this is a serious topic, but damn Jay, all you did was make me hungry for Mt. Dew, cheese and donuts! LOL But on a serious note, I completely get where you're going with this. It's one thing to be overweight and have health problems and WANT to walk, but just can't, and another thing to be overweight and not care enough to even try.