Monday, July 21, 2014

Start of 12 Weeks what's the point in posting an ugly photo of me for the whole world to poke fun at?  It's not masochism or some deep seated desire for public humiliation.  It's really for my own motivation.

You see.....losing weight and getting physically fit is a slow process.  Agonizingly slow.  One good way to gauge progress is to set up time specific challenges such as the one I am starting today.  Another good tactic is to have a before photo to begin the challenge.  So often so many get discouraged when they fail to see dramatic in the advertisements for diet and exercise crap.  We expect miraculous results and when they don't appear, we say fuckit and give up or move on to the next bright promise.  Having photographic evidence of a transformation proves that it is occurring and can motivate you to continue, no matter how long.  It's also to show that I'm a real person. 

So here is my before photo.  I'm weighing in at 175.4 lbs...the lightest I've been in over twenty years.  We'll see what I look like in October.  Maybe I'll have a tan by then.

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