Monday, July 07, 2014

You Want It?

One of the really crappy things about getting older is that the body is slower to respond to exercise.  When you are young, you can whip yourself into great shape just by walking to the fridge for beer and dip.  Fast forward 20, 30, or more years...and it seems that you gain weight just by looking at food, regardless of all the workouts you are doing.  It's probably not that bad, but it seems like it and it is a major reason why so many get discouraged.  I mean; spend weeks and months busting a gut to get rid of your gut and see very little change or, sometimes, even more weight....and it's understandable why so many say fuckit and give up.

The thing is, the body changes as it ages (duh).  A big part of that change is not the gray hair or the wrinkles but the way the body processes fuel....aka food.  When you are young, the body can burn anything you put into it with great efficiency.  Hamburgers, fries, burritos, ice cream, pork rinds...hell, you could probably digest plastic.  Add a few years though and the machinery starts to gum up and slow down.  A fifty year old can't eat like a twenty year old without looking like Jabba the Hutt.  It's sad and sometimes it makes me mad; but there it is.  Getting old is not for sissies.  Getting fit when you are old takes more than working your ass off in the gym.  You have to change the way you have been eating most of your life.   

I guess the big question bad do you want it?

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