Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stuff I Try Out

I thought I would bring back a regular feature here called "stuff I try out".  Basically, it's just things that I use in my attempt to reach the goals of getting fit and healthy.  Some of them work well...some of them are complete crap.

One of the things that work well for me is this Extra Dessert Delights gum.  One of the major problems I struggle with is smoking.  I'm addicted to nicotine as well as food.  If only I could become addicted to exercise and broccoli.  Anyway; the problem I have is that when I cut down on eating, my smoking increases.  When I cut down on smoking, I tend to compensate by eating lotsa junk and sweets.  It's a vicious cycle...vicious, I tell you.

This gum works really well in handling both the urges of snacking and firing up a cigarette.  I'm not much of a gum chewer but this stuff is actually pretty tasty and the flavor lasts longer than 5 seconds like most other chewing gums.  Root beer float is my favorite with strawberry shortcake and key lime coming in a close second and third.  It's about five calories a stick which is nothing...especially considering that it helps me forgo a couple of hundred calories in a candy bar or decline jamming a cancer stick in my mouth.  Like everything, it's not the cure-all.  It will not make me lose weight or quit smoking or even make me sexy...but it helps.

Well....maybe not any help on the sexy part.

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