Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008

And good riddance. wasn't a bad year as far as things go for me personally. I got married about half-way into the year, which was a very good thing. I had a lot of good times with friends and watching my children and grandchildren grow and develop. Professionally I have done well. No major health problems. No financial stressors that couldn't be dealt with. Everything seems to be maintaining...particularly this fitness goal that I've had all year.

and that is the problem

I went through all the photos I have taken of myself and, for all intent and purpose, it looks as if I took them on the same day rather than spread out over twelve months. My initial reaction was to sigh with despair; nothing is changing, nothing is happening, I still carry around this fat flabby body of a middle-aged couch potato.

then I got pissed

What is wrong with me? Why can't I do what I know others have accomplished? Is it really too late to do anything about anything or am I just a lazy screw up full of talk and short of walk?

In the stillness of this last pre-dawn morning of the year, I'm forced to consider some unpleasant aspects about myself. I am lazy. I want results without paying the price for them. I'm following the the classic path of addiction and insanity by doing the same things over and over while expecting different results each time. Nothing about me will change until I make some changes myself.

To remind me of that irritating fact, I put together the video clip below. It's not really put out here for entertainment or to blow my own horn. It's certainly not anything I'm proud to show...but I'm posting it for my own sake. This video disgusts and angers me. All the goals with fitness that I've started with this year went nowhere and accomplished nothing. I do not want to make another like it...ever. it if you like. Fair warning that it is just a succession of unappealing photos. There is no amazing transformation. There is no celebration of triumph.

Just a wake-up call for myself.

2008 from Jay Sheer on Vimeo.


Boyd said...

Yikes my eyesssss the white skin blinded meeeeeee. Hehehe. You and I WILL rock this transformation. Oh go on the transformation site and join Heidi's Accoutability Group.

Jay said...

oooo yeah....I really should think about some tanning

Terry ( said...


I really wish there was something I could say to kick you into action.

I know it hard, believe me, every morning when I walk out the door at 5:30AM to get beat up I want to stay on the couch watching the TV.

I want you to feel how go it is to feel powerful and strong and not like an old dough boy.

It's a matter of priorities. Forget about this year, look forward 15 years. What will your life be like? You have a chance to make a change now that will make the rest of your life better.

Sorry to get on the soap box but I really want you do accomplish something so I am just talking to you like a friend.

Good luck


Jay said...

Terry, I appreciate that and..believe me, if all it took was a swift kick in my ass from you, I'd gladly bend over.

You're suggestion of looking forward 15 years is a good one. I've taken that attitude by not wanting to be in the same place, writing the same stuff, this time next year.