Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BFL Day 3

One part of the Body for Life plan is the concept of eating six small meals during the day rather than gorging yourself three times a day. It's a pretty good idea and goes a long way in keeping you from feeling hungry between meals, thus helping to avoid the temptation to snack.

The problem is....there is not much, short of luggage, to stow all the meals when I go to the office. I work about 10 or more hours a day, which means I have to pack for around three to four meals. Even though the portions are small it's still a lot of food to lug around. My dinky little lunch pail just doesn't cut it, so I'm going to have to do a bit of shopping for something that will work.

I'm actually considering getting a small fridge for my office.


Boyd said...

OK here is my next piece of advice for you. Eat 5 meals a day. Do you have a smoothie king nearby? Go there, get a membership and buy a jug of Gladiator. They have Chocholate, Vanilla and Strawberry. This month we want to focus on your weight. Gladiator has only 1.5 carbs and 45 grams of protein. You should only eat one more of carb a day this month. Don't count the carbs in fruits ok?So instead of the 40.40.20 rule that BFL says, this month do 50.30.20 50 % protein, 30 % carbs and 20% fat. I promise you will see results in a month. Oh beware, your poo may turn green lmao.

Boyd said...

Oh another good thing about gladiator it has amino acids and vitamins too.

Jay said...

I've never heard of Smoothie King. Is that like a juice bar or a GNC? I don't pay much attention to protein, carb, and fat percentages; I just usually try to do portions with perhaps leaning a bit more on protein for the day. Fats don't concern me at all...I usually watch out for sugar (both natural and synthetic).

Green poo, eh?