Saturday, May 30, 2009

Moving On Up

After a couple of weeks dealing with being sick, I think (knock on wood) that I'm finally back to feeling more or less normal. Just in time too. I'm starting a new position at work Monday. I'm also starting a new work schedule, meaning no more 10-12 hour days and I will actually have weekends off. Who knows...I might be able to have a life now.

So what am I going to do on this first free Saturday that I've had in years?

Move my crap from my old office to my new one in another building. It's really going to be a pain because, though my agency is technically computerized and paperless, the reality is that there is a shit-load of paperwork, documents, folders, binders, files, and various other pieces of crap I have to clean out from one place and transport to the other.

On the other hand....shredders are marvelous inventions.


Terry ( said...

When you said a "new position at work" I thought maybe you were going from slumped over in your chair to prone on the floor.

Now is the perfect time to "purge" the paper. (I say that as I stare at a huge pile of paper than need to be shredded).


Jay said...

I moved into a smaller office with a much smaller desk. The bright side is...I have an actual window in which I can look out and see the world pass me by.