Thursday, May 14, 2009

BFL Day 4

One of the things I hate about starting a serious schedule of weightlifting, especially if I've only been doing it half-assed or not at all for several months, is the soreness. My arms, shoulders, and chest are killing me this morning. My legs seem to be okay, which I guess is not surprising since I use them quite a bit every day and there was no shock to them.

I have another upper body tomorrow. I hope the soreness eases up by then or, at least, I'm able to work through the pain. This is a point where a lot of people quit. It's where I have quit in the past.


Boyd said...

OK here is something that you might not believe that will help with the soreness. VITAMIN C. That;s right, vitamin C. Take it everyday. I also take a multivitamin on top of that and 1 flax seed oil pill. Good ole wally world keeps the price down for me. I rarely get sore anymore.

Jay said...

I do the vitamins. I've also found that using flax and fish oils really do help with joint soreness.