Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gay Marriage

I've generally held off on talking about politics in this blog. I had another place where I dabbled in political opinion and eventually tired of all the idiots from the right and the left. After several death threats from Obama followers during the last election circus, I decided to just stick with things more personal...like trying to lose weight and displaying cats.

Yet, I'm making an exception today. The California court upheld a ban on gay marriages in that state. They had the odd decision that all prior marriages between gay couples were valid, but any future ones are forbidden. I normally view topics such as this as non-relevant things used to divert our attention from the really important (and scary) stuff that is going on; but this is something that really chaps my hide. Curtailing the civil rights of people because of their biology. In my own life, there was a time when people were prohibited from marrying because of different skin color. Saying that two people cannot marry because they are the same gender is equally stupid and has no place in the 21st century.

I'm trying to understand the arguments against gay people marrying. One is that marriage is a religious institution, and we're talking Christian specifically. The other that marriage is for the production and rearing of children.

If that is the case, then my own marriage is not valid. I did not have a particularly religious marriage ceremony and it certainly wasn't a Christian event. I also have no children from this marriage and never intend to have any.

So why did I get married?

Because I found somebody that I loved and wanted to share my life. It wasn't about sex. It wasn't about financial advantage. It was purely a personal decision of the two of us for the two of us. The only thing that was required of us is that we proved we were not related, pay for the license, and make sure there was enough cake for all the wedding guests. Nobody cared who I married or why. Nobody told me that I did not have the right to marry. Nobody told me that loving somebody was wrong...even against the law.

We all should have that right. If you expect to have that right while insisting others do not...then shame on you.


Kath Lockett said...

My situation and view was/is the same as yours. Got married not for any religious or moral reasons but because I'd found the person I loved with all my heart and wanted to celebrate it formally.

Jay said...

That's most everybody's reason. I have friends that are denied that and it breaks my heart.