Thursday, May 07, 2009


Plan, planning, planned....strange word. To plan or not to plan, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the setbacks and frustrations of daily living, or to take arms against a sea of temptation, and by planning, end them.

Planning is important. The old saying "failure to plan is a plan for failure" may be hackneyed, but my experience has proven its validity. Now...I don't mean planning as in plotting out exactly what you are going to do each and every day. More like, planning for what happens when things don't go exactly as you expect...which is pretty much each and every day. It is a recipe for failure if one sort of hopes that the exercise will get done somehow before the day is over and that, maybe, the diet will be on target despite the lunch from the vending machine.

There are all types of plans. Boyd, as he says in the clip above, is going to use P90X as his plan. I looked into it and the folks who sell the plan were nice enough to tell me that, due to my present fitness level, it might kill me...though I guess I would get my money back in that case. So I'm going to use Body for Life as my plan.

I really need one. I need the structure. It's difficult, this losing weight stuff.


Boyd said...

Hey broskie, did you look into just power 90? I think it might be the plan for you :)

grayspirit said...

How about suggestions for some basic exercise plan. I don't need to lose weight but need some plan to exercise regularly 30 minutes a day that is not boring.

Jay said...

Boyd....What? And be half the man you are? :) I'm going to use BFL to get into the shape I need to start on the X.

grayspirit...To me, exercise is like brushing your teeth; not all that much fun, just something that needs to be done. I'll be detailing my exercises more in the next week.