Thursday, June 24, 2010

Looking Forward

Yesterday, I wrote about what is going on with me now. It's part of the process of developing goals. I can't really think about where you want to go unless you have an idea of where you are starting. I see this in a lot of people (myself included) where goals are set without bothering to take stock of where one is at, why, and just how to get to the end result. Without knowing the starting point, most of us end up wandering around in a big circle time and time again...until we give up the goal altogether.

So, first I answered questions about where I am starting. Now I answer questions about where I want to end up in 18 weeks.

Heart and Soul

Looking forward, 18 weeks from now, three changes I will have made that show I’m more aligned with what’s important to me at a heart and soul level are:

Healthy living will be a natural part of my life.

I will have the energy to enjoy each day.

I will feel good about myself and be able to share that with those I love.


Looking forward, 18 weeks from now, the three most predominant inner feelings which describe what I’ll be experiencing are:

Confident of having control over my body.

Excited about the improvements and eager to continue.

Inspired to encourage others to seek transformations.


Three new patterns of thinking or beliefs which expand my ability to make healthy changes for the better will be:

My results will speak for my intent.

I will greet the day with enthusiasm.

I'll prove one is never too old or too out of shape to change.


Three objectively verifiable statements which will describe the new and improved condition of my body 18 weeks from now are:

Within 18 weeks, I will be under 180 lbs.

My body fat percentage will be in the low twenties.

I will tuck my shirt into my pants.


Boyd said...

How did you past this into your blog? I tried but it won't work for me.

jay said...

I just copied from the worksheet at the Transformation site and pasted. I don't know why it worked for me....course...I really don't have much of a clue how anything works with this blog :)