Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Self-Assessment and Awareness

The Transformation Challenge is not your ordinary diet and exercise program. In just about every other program out there, the impression is 'follow the plan and you will get results' these foods, don't eat those, do these exercises on these days and, voila, you'll have a ripped body in no time at all.

It's all about the outside. That's good to a point because, let's face it, everybody wants to look strong and healthy. Yet, if my experience and profession have taught me anything, it's that the way we think...the way we view ourselves and the world at the core of everything we do or attempt. Transformation utilizes that principle in providing 18 assignments that are geared to really taking a look at oneself. The assignments are not easy (if one is honest in doing them). The first one, and my answers, are below.

Heart and Soul

Having looked inward to do some soul-searching, three heartfelt reasons for making the decision to transform my health and life are:

I'm tired all the time. I want to live my days instead of just letting the pass one at a time.

I want to set an example for my wife, so that we can both enjoy our lives for a long time.

I do not like the way I feel in my own body. It seems that I am always slightly sick.


In recent days and weeks, the three most predominant inner feelings I have been experiencing are:

Fear about my physical condition and the potential for heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

Ashamed of my condition.

Anger at myself for not doing anything to improve.


Three patterns of thinking or beliefs which may have limited my ability to change in the past are:

I'm too old.

I'm too busy.

I'm too tired.


Three objectively verifiable statements which reflect my physical condition right now are:

My weight, first thing in the morning, I've eaten, is 208 lbs.

My body fat is 42 %. My mid-section measurement at the widest point is 48 inches.

My present physical condition is evident in my before photo.

This is where I am now. Tomorrow, I'll answer the questions of where I want to be.


Terry ( said...


Some great stuff in those answers to the questions. Many of them I would have answered the same way.

This is the time you are going to follow through all the way Jay. You have to.

If you don't do it now.....when are you going to do it?


Jay said...

Terry, I spent the last few days visiting my Dad. To be honest...if I don't do it Dad's present condition will be my very near future. I've pushed my luck about as far as it will go and I need to do this, while I still have the chance.