Monday, July 28, 2008


One of my most important piece of equipment in this transformation is a blender. I gotta have it because my biggest problem is eating. I love to eat. I love food. That's not a bad thing but, over the years, I've been pretty indiscriminate about quantity and quality. I would eat carrots or cheesecake with equal pleasure and abandon. Now, with the goal of losing lotsa weight, I have to be careful about what I eat during the day. Every calorie counts since I'm limiting myself on how many to take in every day.

That's where the blender comes in. A couple of my meals every day consists of a Myoplex shake mixed with some fresh fruit. It's quick. It's easy for a cooking impaired person like myself. Clean up is a breeze. It's relatively cheap. It's very nutritious, probably the most balanced meals I have most days.'s yummy!

213.8 lbs this week.

and my pants are loose again
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Terry said...

Yea for loose pants (when appropriate).


Jennifer said...

I'm a sucker for infomercials. I saw one a while back about a juicer that I bribed my husband into buying for me.
I looove that thing to no end. I've had crazy juice combinations of fruits and veggies every day, and not one tasted bad.
Plus I bumped my iron numbers back to normal. yay for no more anemia!