Friday, July 04, 2008


Okay...I know that it's a familiar whine and really no excuse, not really....but my job sure makes it hard to stick to a BFL schedule.

I spent a lot of time planning out the day's meals. Packed them all in a cooler and headed off to work, thinking of when I would be eating what during the day. I get to work and up pops an email saying that I need to attend a mandatory training at another building across the city for half the a location where I cannot take the cooler, or any food, or even have a bottle of water.

Of course, everybody gets the assumed "lunch hour" at high noon but I miss two meals.

It's bullshit. I'm going to get a few Myoplex bars even though I really don't care for them all that much (I'd rather eat some real food) and DEMAND that I be allowed to eat one every two hours or so no matter what the location or situation.

I'm fed up with living in a three-meal-a-day world. Let everybody else adjust to my six for a change.

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